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Edible Print

How long do edible prints last?

Your Edible Print comes in heat-sealed clear reusable and reclosable zip-lock envelope.

Icing Sheet and Edible Fabric Sheet Prints

I always recommend buying your printed cake topper as near to your event as possible.
Once printed, cake toppers are at their best when used within 2 – 3 weeks. Up to 4 weeks if kept in it’s original heat-sealed bag.

Keep your frosting sheet in its original heat-sealed reclosable bag until you are ready to use it.  Once cut open, use immediately.
Store remaining parts of the unused decal in the same reclosable bag to prevent drying.
Store your image on a flat surface in a cool, dry location away from direct light to avoid fading.
Do not store in the freezer or refrigerator.

Wafer Paper Prints

Edible Wafer Paper prints and decorations will last a long time, for up to a year, if kept sealed in a zip-lock bag, away from direct light and humidity.
Some curling may occur in high humid conditions. It does not affect the taste, freshness or performance however.

Are your edible print sheets Pre-cut?

Your Edible Print sheets are NOT pre-cut.
You can cut your Edible Print sheet to any shape using scissors, blades or paper punches.

Cupcakes and Cookie toppers are round most of the times. Many people use scissors to cut them out one by one first, then apply to product or a layer of thinly rolled fondant, then cut again… Too much of a hassle! ?
Try doing the following: roll out a very thin (thickness of 1-3 post cards) sheet of fondant or a mixture of fondant and Tylose powder/ gum paste (even better!). Apply the entire printed sheet on to it carefully removing air bubbles if any. Let it sit for 5 min to merge completely. Then take a cookie cutter of the same diameter as your circles and cut through both layers at once. The thinner your fondant is rolled, the crispier the cut line will be. And no, it will not affect the taste or texture much.
You may now apply your cutouts to baked product, or leave them to dry for an hour or overnight to become more rigid and hold shape better. You may even place them upright on top of your cupcakes!

How do I order my edible prints?
How much does it cost? – Pricing and Services

Please, select layout and paper option to see pricing.

All prices and quantity discounts are calculated automatically.
They may vary depending on selected layout, print options and additional designer services added.

Turnaround time policy

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How do I Pay for my order?

Payments methods accepted:
I accept e-Transfers, PayPal and Credit Crds (via PayPal checkout, no need to have/create PayPal account).
Sorry, but I do not accept Tangerine transfers, standard e-Transfer only.

Please, note: Any print job or cake topper is done only after a full payment.
No cash on pick-up, no exceptions.

Where and How do I Pick-Up my order?

Please, visit  PICK-UP ADDRESS and terms for details.

Do you Ship?

I do offer Canada-wide shipping.

Please, visit SHIPPING for details.


Do you offer local Delivery?

Sorry, I do not offer local delivery.

You may Pick-up your order or ask for Shipping.

Can I order 1/2 a page? What is the minimum order?

Sorry, but I can’t sell 1/2 page prints.

Minimum order is 1 full page, regardless of how small of an area your image may take on it.

However, if your image size allows, I can place it 2 times on the page so you may have a spare copy of it.

How large is the Printable Area? – Paper Sizes

The maximum printable area of any edible paper is 7.8″ x 10.3″(198mm x 261mm).
Maximum circle diameter is  7.8″ (198mm).

How good is the Print Quality and Color? – See samples!

Being an experienced cake artist for more than 10 years and having a background in graphic and web design and digital print production, I am honored to offer you the most convenient, reliable, high quality and professional edible image printing services: the size is exact, the colors are vibrant, the red is red. I do know what I am doing!

I always review your files and may suggest image quality improvements if I feel that it can boost the final result because I DO CARE!

I also take time to maintain and calibrate my printer, as well as keep the most fresh stock of edible paper to produce high quality edible prints for your wonderful creations every time.

You may find more print samples kindly posted by clients in Customer Reviews section >>>.


Edible Image Print Services Montreal Sample

Can I create a Print File with Multiple Images by myself to save on file fee?


First, do make sure the images you are using have good print resolution! If you want a quality print, you need to get good size images.
Check this link for Image Size Calculator and image finding tips.

You may also downoad my Full Page PDF template if you are creating the print file yourself.

If you send me your own ready to print PDF file of the right print size, I really don’t care how many images you fit onto it (example: cupcake toppers – you may fit several circles onto 1 page and send me your ready to print file).

I accept PDF, JPG or PNG files only and will NOT print from Word, PowerPoint or any other file format.

If you are familiar with creating a PDF file with images, you should be good, because this is the best file format for printing. It respects exact  size and position of all design elements.

You can use any image editing software you are familiar with, downoad my Full Page PDF template with safety margins, open it in your software and place anything you want within page limits. Then save your file and upload.

Saving your PDF without size reduction at 300 dpi resolution is best:
File → Save as → PDF
Compression: do not downsample.

If you are using Adobe Illustrator, please do not forget to do the following before you save your file:

  1. Select all your placed images one by one and click Embed to ensure that they will be attached to your saved file.
  2. If you are adding any text to your image, select all of it, choose TypeCreate Outlines.
    Illustrator gives you the opportunity to change text into outlines or artwork. Basically, you change the text into an object, so you can no longer edit that text by typing. The plus side is that it saves you the trouble of sending fonts to everyone who wants to use the file.

Can I ask you to find the image/character I want or do I have to find it myself?

I do not sell or provide any images for your print.

You submit your own image files – I print them on a chosen layout with or without minor alterations as per your request.

Here is why:

Most of the images found online are licensed or copyright protected. If I offer you those images, it would be equal of me selling them along with my services. I provide printing and layout/minor alterations services only and can not legally offer, provide or sell any copyright protected or licensed image as a product.

By uploading your image, you as a customer take full responsibility for obtaining all copyright and the authorization to use the image. 

I can, however, help you to find good quality images for uploads:

How do I find the right file for better print quality?
How do I find the right file for better print quality?
How do I Store my Edible Print and Finished Cake with applied image?

To ensure freshness, pliability and color of your Icing Sheet edible image decal, use it within 4 weeks.

Keep your frosting sheet in its original heat-sealed zip bag until you are ready to use it.  Once cut open, use immediately. Store remaining parts of the unused decal in closed zip bag to prevent drying.  
Store your edible image print in a cool, dry location away from direct light to avoid fading.
Do not store in the freezer or refrigerator.

During winter:
The prints may crack or shatter when frozen. When picking-up, protect from exposing to freezing weather. |

Once your image is applied to a cake, you may then store it in a dry (home) fridge.
Commercial humid walk-in fridges may cause colors to run, so you may want to place your cake inside a cardboard box to keep extra humidity away and absorb any potential condensation.

Edible Print Montreal (Key Art Studio Cakes) cannot be responsible for the print care, storage and transportation once the print was given to the customer.

If the customer follows the instructions provided no problems should occur.

How to apply Icing Sheet to a cake/cupcake/cookie?

If you have never worked with an Icing sheet before, you may want to start from


There are also many useful video tutorials online you can easily find and learn from.

What are the ingredients of your Edible Prints? Are they Kosher? Nut-free? Safety and Ingredients info.


Can I place your Edible Print on top of a Store-Bought Cake?

Many of my clients do place their edible images on store-bought cakes following my

When placing your order, please, do not forget to let me know exactly what shape (round or rectangular) and how large you want your image to be printed because there is no such thing as a standard cake size. I am also not able to suggest which size print you need based on the number of cake servings.

You can always measure the cake top area yourself or ask the bakery to do this for you.

Cancellations and Refunds
You may check your order status by visiting Track your order page. You will also receive your order update emails, please check your spam.
Any changes / cancellations (with refund) or print file swaps are accepted if your order status is still Processing.
If your order status is Completed, no changes or cancellations may be done.

As of this point any orders are non-refundable, unless I made any mistakes / messed-up your order (an extremely rare case, but I am a human, not a robot).

If your product, however, was not printed/manufactured yet, I may issue a full refund. 

Rush orders
 are printed/manufactured on the same day right after I get the payment, so I can not issue refunds for those.

To avoid misprints or print cancellations, please stay in touch! I always email your layout preview and ask for corrections if necessary.
Check your email (spam, too)!

  • I will not refund any misprints if you do not reply to my email with layout confirmation or correction by 9 pm of the day before pick-up and your order was printed as is. Any print layouts which were not confirmed or corrected by that time will be printed as is if all images look OK in my subjective opinion. 
  • Any orders with mistakes, oversized or missing images will NOT be printed and may result in order cancellation if you do not respond on time.

If a print job/cake topper was canceled by Edible Print Montreal (Key Art Studio Cakes) for any reason, a full refund will be issued.

Regular Mail (Lettermail) orders

Regular Mail (Lettermail) shipping service is usually quite reliable, however:
Due to inability to either track Regular Mail shipments or have a proof of whether they were delivered or not,

lost, stolen, damaged, undelivered, late or unclaimed Regular/Standard mail (Lettermail) orders.

I do keep a picture proof of your created product(s) along with the proof of shipping which may be requested by you at any time, no questions asked.

Four more reliable and secured mail service, please select Expedited or Express shipping which has:

  • guaranteed delivery day
  • tracking number
  • your signature request
  • insurance coverage
  • “do not safe drop” request to avoid your envelope being smashed or freeze in your mailbox if it’s located outside and the weather is very cold

Thank you for understanding!


Which paper to choose?


Can I print Edible Money?

Yes, but there is a small BUT!

Not all images of paper currency may be printed.

When any printer or photo copier analyzes a page before printing it and it contains any money images, the printer software senses a certain pattern used on most modern bills. It will immediately stop the printing function. This is done in an attempt to prevent common people from breaking the law by counterfeiting their own currency. This is known as the Counterfeit Deterrence System and it works regardless of whether you try to print real money, play money or edible paper bills for cake decorating.

You may, however, get lucky and find some money bill images that will print!
How do you know if they will? You have to test it on your home printer (or any other printer), and that is the only way of knowing.

So, before sending me a page of edible money bills to print, please do check on your home printer first. If it prints the whole page on your printer, then you may submit your print file and it will most probably print on mine, too. If not – keep looking for other images online until you find the one that will pass the printing test and make sure to save it on your computer to use later if you need more copies!

You may submit your single money bill image at Logo Sheet Layout, or, if you are able to create a page with multiple bills yourself, you may submit your ready to print PDF at Full Page Layout.

Here are the tested printable bill files for you to download to save the time:

To save you the trouble, I have created a ready to print layout with tested currency images which do print well.

Edible Print – Edible Money Sheet


How to provide proper measurements for re-sizing your image
Why Screenshots should be avoided for printing purposes?
How to choose proper image for cropping into a circle?
Do you have an actual store I can visit?

I provide my printing services from my house, so please keep in mind that all orders are accepted via web site only and all in-person pick-ups are always arranged by appointment (contactless door pick-up available).