Can I print Edible Money?

Yes, but there is a small BUT!

Not all images of paper currency may be printed.

When any printer or photo copier analyzes a page before printing it and it contains any money images, the printer software senses a certain pattern used on most modern bills. It will immediately stop the printing function. This is done in an attempt to prevent common people from breaking the law by counterfeiting their own currency. This is known as the Counterfeit Deterrence System and it works regardless of whether you try to print real money, play money or edible paper bills for cake decorating.

You may, however, get lucky and find some money bill images that will print!
How do you know if they will? You have to test it on your home printer (or any other printer), and that is the only way of knowing.

So, before sending me a page of edible money bills to print, please do check on your home printer first. If it prints the whole page on your printer, then you may submit your print file and it will most probably print on mine, too. If not – keep looking for other images online until you find the one that will pass the printing test and make sure to save it on your computer to use later if you need more copies!

You may submit your single money bill image at Logo Sheet Layout, or, if you are able to create a page with multiple bills yourself, you may submit your ready to print PDF at Full Page Layout.

Here are the tested printable bill files for you to download to save the time:

To save you the trouble, I have created a ready to print layout with tested currency images which do print well.

Edible Print – Edible Money Sheet


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