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How good is the Print Quality and Color? – See samples!

The prints are always bright, vibrant and are as clear as your file resolution allows.
The Red is Red. Not orange or pink.

Edible Image Print –  file preview and an actual print on icing sheet – click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Being an experienced cake artist for more than 10 years and having a background in graphic and web design and digital print production, I am honored to offer you the most convenient, reliable, high quality and professional edible image printing services: the size is exact, the colors are vibrant, the red is red. I do know what I am doing!

I always review your files and may suggest image quality improvements if I feel that it can boost the final result because I DO CARE!

I also take time to maintain and calibrate my printer, as well as keep the most fresh stock of edible paper to produce high quality edible prints for your wonderful creations every time.

However, please note that due to edible nature of the ink, some colors may not print with exact same shades as they appear on the source image file or even your screen. This is a known issue with all edible print systems and considered being normal.

COLOR PROOFS: I certainly understand that some clients may be particular about color when it comes to their logos.  I do suggest that you order 1 color proof print page before placing an order for a larger batch. 

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