Custom Cake Topper Design Request (non-edible cutout)

For Edible Print Image request, please, read:
FAQ: Can I ask you to find the image/character I want or do I have to find it myself?

Paper Cake Toppers Shop.

If you could not find a suitable design in my store, you are welcome to request a custom one.

What are the steps:

    1. Fill out the CUSTOM Cake Topper Design Request Form below.
      I will estimate the designer fee and get back to you ASAP.
    2. Pay your estimated designer fee at Designer Services Fee Deposit
    3. I then create a design for you, publish it in my store and email you the link where you may select the size and paper for your topper before checkout.


Your custom topper will have a Designer Fee and Product Price (actual product created).

The Designer Services Fee will be $15 – $30. Priced individually based on design complexity. The exact fee estimation will be emailed to you prior to your order in reply to your design request submitted below.

The actual topper (product) price will be $17 and you will be able to select the size and paper color at the time of your order.


Once I receive your designer fee payment, a link to your product will be emailed to you by the end of the next day.

Please provide as much information as possible when requesting a new design. Your designer fee will cover one revision only.
• Include a link to the topper example if you have one.
• Make sure to describe your topper as accurate as possible: include exact words, number, names on the topper and / or graphic elements.

When showing me the example, make sure it is a single-color silhouette, not a colored image because this product is a paper cutout, not a print! If you need a colorful edible print, please order one at Edible Print Services section.


You are requesting a NON-EDIBLE Paper Cake Topper. To order an Edible Print, please visit Edible Print Services section.