Pre-cut Edible Wafer Paper Decorations

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All customizable or pre-designed Wafer Paper Decorations are made with Edible Wafer Paper. They are printed on one side with edible ink, pre-cut and ready to use on your cakes, cupcakes, cookies or even beverages!

Any veining, bending or shaping of the cutouts is up to you, they will come to you flat.

The turnaround time for Wafer Paper Decorations is 24-48 hours, no rush orders will be accepted.

Ingredients: potato starch, water, vegetable oil, food color ink.

Storage: the Edible Wafer Paper Decorations will last a long time, for up to a year, if kept sealed in a zip-lock bag, away from direct light and humidity.
Curling may occur in high humid conditions. It does not affect the taste, freshness or performance however.

Pre-cut Edible Wafer Paper Decorations

Edible Wafer Paper Olive Tree Leaves Double-Sided


Custom Edible Drink Toppers

Custom Edible Drink Toppers Set


Pre-cut Edible Wafer Paper Decorations

Edible Wafer Paper Maple Leaves


Pre-cut Edible Wafer Paper Decorations

Edible Wafer Paper Butterflies 2.5″ set of 12



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