Custom Edible Drink Toppers Set

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$18.00 + tx.

To get a PRICE QUOTE: all prices and quantity discounts are calculated and applied to your cart automatically on this product page.

Drink toppers are sold per set. Number of circles in set depends on the circle size.
elect the size of your drink toppers below and enter number of sets needed, add to cart and see your exact price.

No minimum order limits.
Feel free to order 1 test set before a larger batch.

Turnaround time: 48h for up to 100 sets. For more sets please contact me and ask for a quote.

Any image, photo, logo, barcode or QR code may be printed on your drink toppers as long as it is not too dark or too light and has enough contrast.

Scroll down for more info in DESCRIPTION tab.

Your drink toppers will come to you as a set of pre-cut individual circles which are ready to use.
Services included:
• 1 image file upload per set
• 1-2 lines of text of your choice (same text applied to one, selected, or all images in your set)

Additional services:
You may upload up to 2 (two) additional image files per set for the total of 3 images per set distributed equally or as you wish.
Additional image files in your set are subject to extra one-time Designer fee+ per image, applied to the first set only.
Any extra copies of this set will not have Designer fees+ attached and are subject to Multiple Set Discount

Shipping across Canada is available, calculated in cart.

A design preview will be emailed to you for your approval before printing.

Select the size of drink toppers in your set: *


Your topper may have your uploaded image printed on it,  or have some text only.

PRINT QUALITY ALERT: the print quality on Wafer Paper is somewhat limited by the texture of the paper and can not compare to crisp quality prints on Icing sheets.
PLEASE CHOOSE HIGH-CONTRAST MEDIUM COLOR SATURATION IMAGES. Lines or text on white or medium-color background is best. Photos must have enough contrast. Think newspaper print quality.
Images will be REFUSED if:
– they have black or vary dark backgrounds – it will result in moisture warping and smearing of the surface
– they have intense color saturation – it will result in moisture warping and smearing of the surface
– they are light / pale with low contrast – it will print even lighter and some elements will not even show on print

The color you see on your screen / monitor will be very close on print, but not exact.

1.  Due to the many variations in monitors, tablet and phone screens and browsers, colors may appear different on different devices. Computer and phone monitors are not all calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise.
2.  Even though I do carefully calibrate my printers to the best color output possible, please remember that I use edible ink and paper and not an offset printing process.
If you need a color match for your logo/image, I’d need you to bring me the printout of it in advance and order a test print before a larger batch.


If you upload only one file, the entire set will be same (identical) circles.
If you upload 2 or 3 files, leave me a note in Instructions for your files  below for how many of each circle design your set should have. Otherwise your set will have approximately equal number of each image.
PDF, JPG and PNG files only. Max. file size -15Mb.


To have more different circles in your set, add extra image files (designer fees +)
Designer fees are applied to the first copy of your set only.
What are the Designer fees Plus? (click to read)

1 set - each$18.00
2 sets - each$16.00
3-9 sets - each$14.00
10-49 sets - each$13.00
50-99 sets - each$12.00
100-499 sets - each$10.00
500 or more sets - each$7.00

Your products will be custom created for you within 48 hours (2 days). Please estimate your Pick-up / Shipping dates accordingly. Request turnaround time for quantity over 100 sets.

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How to choose proper image for cropping into a circle

1. Make sure your focal character(s) is/are surrounded by enough background space so when I draw a circle around them, no parts of important features are falling outside of it.

2. Make sure that both width and height of your image are at least equal or larger than the circle diameter you want.

3. Try selecting a more square image rather than narrow.

Make sure there is enough free space around person's face so when a circle is drawn around it, the entire face/head fits inside.

4. Avoid long text or rather ANY text below, above or anywhere near your focal image. Some parts of it will most probably fall outside of the circle.

Why Screenshots should be avoided for printing purposes?

A screenshot, sometimes referred to as a screencap or screengrab, is an image that shows the contents of a computer or mobile device display.

When you take a screenshot of an image, you usually lower this image quality significantly and it almost always results in print quality loss.

Screenshot quality and resolution depends on your display resolution. The higher the display resolution, the better the screenshot. Then on top of it, even if your device has a good screen resolution, the image source you are trying to capture as a screenshot may be poor to begin with.

The only sure way to get a proper image for printing is to do the following:

  1. Touch and hold the image that you wish to save for about 2 seconds until a menu appears.
  2. Select “Save Image“ or "Download Image"

When you submit your order, click on SELECT AND UPLOAD YOUR FILE button and select this image from your phone gallery.

What are the Designer Fees+ ?

Designer fees+ are applied to cover the cost of me creating a print file with requested alterations such as adding some custom text or a multiple image per page placement according to your preferences and options offered.

Some designer fees are optional and some may be attached to your selected layout as mandatory and will be marked with a star (*).

Designer fees+ are calculated automatically and applied once per layout only as a one-time fee (just to create a print file). You may then select any number of printed copies of this layout and they will be sold at the price of selected edible paper only and subject to bulk discount (see "Discount per page for multiple copies of this print" section).

Want to save on designer fees? Create a ready to print JPG, PNG or PDF file by yourself (click for the tips)  and select a Full Page image layout to submit your order.

  • I will review all submitted files before printing and contact you if you need to email me a larger file for better print quality. 
  • I will email you a proof (page preview for your approval) of any layout/alteration/design work before printing.