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Design Services for Edible Prints


Image Customizations and Alterations.
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Image Customization and Alterations

There are many designer services (both free and paid) offered for each page layout in Edible Print Services section.
However, sometimes you may need even more customization options for your prints. I’m here to help!

You may ask for any alterations.
Here are some frequently requested ones:

  • Remove background from an image (isolate the main character/person and erase surrounding area) – $3 – $10 per image, price depends on complexity.
  • Slice and split one image into multiple print pages to cover larger sheet/slab cakes by laying pieces next to each other on top of the cake – $5 – $15 per image, price depends on complexity.

How does it work?

    1. Submit your Design Services Quote request
    2. Get a quote for your image alteration service by email
    3. Return to this product page, enter Your Quote Reference ID # and Quoted Service Price. Add to cart.
    4. Go to the product with the layout you want to use this altered image with and add it to cart, too. Upload same images you sent me in your alterations request so I know where exactly to use it in your layout.

      • If you’ve requested a quote for Slice and split one image into multiple print pages for a larger sheet/slab cake, choose Full Page Image Layout  product and add quoted number of icing sheets to your cart, no instructions necessary, I’ll know what you mean.

Your cart should have your layout with all files and options chosen + Design Services for Edible Prints product with quoted price.

    1. You may then checkout and pay for your layout and designer services in a single transaction.

Additional information

Edible Paper Choice

Icing Sheet ($11), Wafer Paper ($9)

File Tips + Image Size Calculator

If your attached file(s) are too small/poor quality to produce a descent print, I will contact you and ask to email me a better quality images.
Otherwise, please, excuse the print quality.

Can I create a Print File with Multiple Images by myself to save on file fee?


You may downoad my Full Page PDF template if you are creating the print file yourself.

If you send me your own ready to print PDF file of the right print size, I really don’t care how many images you fit onto it (example: cupcake toppers – you may fit several circles onto 1 page and send me your ready to print file).

I accept PDF, JPG or PNG files only and will NOT print from Word, PowerPoint or any other file format.

If you are familiar with creating a PDF file with images, you should be good, because this is the best file format for printing. It respects exact  size and position of all design elements.

You can use any image editing software you are familiar with, downoad my Full Page PDF template with safety margins, open it in your software and place anything you want within page limits. Then save your file as PDF with 300 dpi resolution and upload.

If you are using Adobe Illustrator, please do not forget to do the following before you save your file:

  1. Select all your placed images one by one and click Embed to ensure that they will be attached to your saved file.
  2. If you are adding any text to your image, select all of it, choose TypeCreate Outlines.
    Illustrator gives you the opportunity to change text into outlines or artwork. Basically, you change the text into an object, so you can no longer edit that text by typing. The plus side is that it saves you the trouble of sending fonts to everyone who wants to use the file.

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