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Edible Paper – Blank Sheets

$12.00$20.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.
$12.00$13.00 + tx.

Edible Print – Large Image on Multiple Pages

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Your image will be sliced into multiple print pages to cover a larger sheet/slab cake by laying pieces next to each other like tiles.
Comes as a set of pre-cut and ready to use images. Just peel the backing off and lay them on top of your cake side by side without spaces.

Let me know how large your image needs to be and I will send you the estimation.

One-time $15 service fee + number of printed sheets estimated at regular paper price:

  • Icing Sheet – $13+tx / sheet
  • Wafer Paper Sheet – $12+tx / sheet


1. Fill out the form below.

2. I will estimate the number of sheets your print will use with requested image size and reply to you within 24h with your TOTAL PRICE QUOTE and a link for placing your CUSTOM ORDER.

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Edible Print Services Disclaimer

Edible Print Montreal (Key Art Studio Cakes) cannot be responsible for the print care, storage and transportation once the print was given to the customer.

If the customer follows the instructions provided no problems should occur.

By uploading your image, you as a customer take full responsibility for obtaining all copyright and the authorization to use the image. 

Edible Print Montreal (Key Art Studio Cakes) offers and takes responsibility for printing services only and does not offer, provide or sell any licensed image as a product.

How to place your Edible Print Order:

  1. In Edible Print Services section, select LAYOUT for your print
    (how you'd like your image to be placed on a page)

  2. Select print options.
  3. Upload your file(s).
  4. Add your layout to cart.
    Continue shopping if you have more than one page layout to print.
  5. Checkout with chosen delivery and payment method.

What happens next

Please, stay in touch! Check your email for layout approval (your page preview) and confirm it ASAP:


Additional Designer Services (like adding some text) are available in any print layout (Designer fees +).

Some layouts may  have mandatory designer fees attached to cover the cost of me creating a print file for you.

Designer fees+ are calculated automatically and applied once per layout only as a one-time fee (just to create a print file). You may then select any number of printed copies of this layout and they will be sold at the price of selected edible paper only and subject to bulk discount (see "Discount per page for multiple copies of this print" section).

Want to save on designer fees? Create a ready to print JPG, PNG or PDF file by yourself (click for the tips)  and select a Full Page image layout to submit your order.

Print and Topper Bundle 10% off: Buy Edible Prints and Cake Toppers together, use coupon code PRINTANDTOPPER10
*cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons

Please, do not hesitate to call me if you are confused or stuck, I'll walk you through the process!

How to choose proper image for cropping into a circle

1. Make sure your focal character(s) is/are surrounded by enough background space so when I draw a circle around them, no parts of important features are falling outside of it.

2. Make sure that both width and height of your image are at least equal or larger than the circle diameter you want.

3. Try selecting a more square image rather than narrow.

Make sure there is enough free space around person's face so when a circle is drawn around it, the entire face/head fits inside.

4. Avoid long text or rather ANY text below, above or anywhere near your focal image. Some parts of it will most probably fall outside of the circle.

How to provide proper measurements for your image

In summary, please do two things:

1. Provide exact measurements in inches or centimeters only, indicate what is width and what is height. I can not guess your image size based on your cake size or number of servings.  Instructions like "it's for a 6 inch cake", "long enough to cover my cakes perimeter" or "to fit on the side of my mom's cake" will not be accepted. I also do not keep records of your past orders to recall measurements from unless you have ordered a file storage for future re-print service.
2. Instead of giving me exact width and height, try to give me just one dimention priority: either height or width.

Here is why:
Any image you upload has it’s own proportions – a relationship between its width and height. Stretching it in one direction only will result in proportion change when your logo or person’s face/body is changed beyond recognition. Think of it as if you print it on a rubber band and then try to stretch it along height or width only.

When you ask me to resize your image to exact both width and height, it is almost never possible without resulting in image distortion.

I do suggest you give me either width or height priority only to preserve your image proportions the way they are meant to be.

Or, if image allows, to crop some parts of it out.

Here is an example:

You send me a logo and ask to re-size it.

Here is what happens when you provide me with both exact width and height values for your re-sized image (in this case 4" wide by 5" tall):

But if you prioritize just one of the measurements, in this case ask me to make it 4" tall, your image remains its correct proportions.

Turnaround time

Edible Prints

Ready for pick-up or shipping on the NEXT DAY, 7 days a week.

To qualify for guaranteed NEXT DAY turnaround, your edible print order must be submitted and confirmed with payment by 8 pm the day before pick-up.

Orders for tomorrow pick-up submitted or paid after 8 pm will be processed tomorrow as RUSH orders and are subject to my availability, pick-up time 3 pm or later must be selected.

for Edible Prints

Same day pick-up for Edible Prints
All same day pick-up orders are subject to my availability. They must be arranged by text or phone call first, and will not be processed otherwise. Layout(s) must be confirmed within an hour. Text me (+ your name) or call at  514.887.0176 (Larissa) for arrangement and PASSCODE. Be ready to stay in touch and respond to layout confirmation emails quickly.

Wafer Paper Decorations

'In stock today' products – just add to your cart and select the date and time for pick-up. Same-day pick-ups are welcome (subject to my availability, please text/call before placing your order).
Limited stock, Pre-Order for larger quantities available.

'Pre-Order' products – 48h production time.

Paper Cake Toppers


PRE-Order.  Ready in 48 hours (2 days)

Due to the more complex production process and longer production times,
RUSH ORDERS are not available. 


Custom Drink Toppers
SHIPPING All orders paid after 11 am will be shipped on the next nearest mail-out day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday).
Dates and Pricing are estimated in cart.
'Pre-Order' products - a 48h production time must be added to your calculated shipping date estimate.
See complete shipping policy >>>

Your order will be cancelled:

Pick-up policy and address


Click to enlarge the image 


 is a thin translucent sheet of potato starch, water, and vegetable oil.




I strongly recommend choosing Icing Sheets for prints that are applied on top of cakes (fondant, buttercream, whipped cream), cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, candy ets. Unless you need to use it for some specific cake decorating applications and you know what you are doing (see wafer paper info below). 

The major difference between the two types of edible paper is the print quality due to paper properties. 

You may look at it as a difference between a newspaper print (Wafer Paper) and a magazine print minus the gloss (Icing Sheet).

The Icing Sheet is dense, pliable and opaque.
The Wafer Paper is semi-translucent, somewhat brittle and porous. 

Click to enlarge



ICING SHEET / FROSTING SHEET is an actual layer of vanilla icing that merges or adheres with the icing on the baked good.
They are made of 2 layers: a flexible sugar icing layer and a non-stick easy to peel backing paper. They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, Sugarveil®, fondant, blown sugar, etc.

The paper is opaque, dense and white enough to print photographs with clean and crisp image quality* (*please, note that quality of any print greatly depends on source file resolution.)

When an edible image is placed over a dark background, it is less likely for the background color to show through the image if it is printed on a dense Icing Sheet.


WAFER / RICE PAPER is a thin translucent sheet of potato starch, water, and vegetable oil. Wafer paper is more translucent and any colored background, such as color of your cake icing or fondant, will affect the image easily.

The wafer paper is somewhat brittle.  It is mostly used for some very specific cake decorating purposes like partially attached dimensional book pages and scrolls, 3D origami objects, leafs or butterflies. If you have never tried using it, please look for tips and application methods online.

You may also purchase ready-made Wafer Paper Decorations in my Shop.

Please, kindly note that Edible Print is a cake decorating product which has many different applications and I can not provide extensive tutorials on all of them. It is your responsibility to research and learn the necessary cake decorating techniques in order to achieve the results you want. Google and YouTube both have many free tutorials!

Why Screenshots should be avoided for printing purposes?

A screenshot, sometimes referred to as a screencap or screengrab, is an image that shows the contents of a computer or mobile device display.

When you take a screenshot of an image, you usually lower this image quality significantly and it almost always results in print quality loss.

Screenshot quality and resolution depends on your display resolution. The higher the display resolution, the better the screenshot. Then on top of it, even if your device has a good screen resolution, the image source you are trying to capture as a screenshot may be poor to begin with.

The only sure way to get a proper image for printing is to do the following:

  1. Touch and hold the image that you wish to save for about 2 seconds until a menu appears.
  2. Select “Save Image“ or "Download Image"

When you submit your order, click on SELECT AND UPLOAD YOUR FILE button and select this image from your phone gallery.