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Edible Wafer Paper Olive Tree Leaves Double-Sided

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$20.00 + tx.

A set of 65 individual pre-cut leaves.

Size of each one varies from 1.5″ to 2″ 

Food color print on edible wafer paper.

This particular set is printed on both sides: one side has leaf veining, the other side is filled with matching green color.

Light, colorful and very realistic!

Ready to use: just stick to your cake or place on top of cupcakes as is, or add a bit of texture and movement by veining the central line.

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The turnaround time for Wafer Paper Decorations is 24-48 hours.
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1 set of 65 leaves - each$20.00
2-5 sets of 65 leaves - each$18.00
6-9 sets of 65 leaves - each$16.00
10 or more sets of 65 leaves - each$14.00
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